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Welcome to the AlphaHackers Wiki!


For temporary lack of better terms, AlphaHackers is a 'study hall' and information exchange for hackers of all kinds around Alpharetta, Georgia (US).


Currently, we have weekly hack nights. These are the 'study halls'. The purpose of these weekly hack nights is to have a time to work on personal (or group) projects with other technical people around to bounce ideas off of or even recruit help. There's no obligation involved and anything you do stays your own. Currently these hack nights take place on Sunday nights starting at 8pm at Taco Mac Alpharetta (Old Milton), but you should keep an eye on @AlphaHackers for up to date information.


In the near future, we'll begin having monthly meetings. These meetings are inspired by (and will be somewhat similar to) both AHA! and MassHackers. A better 'About' page will be coming soon, but in short, the monthly meetings will be time for short presentations of whatever it is people are working on. They don't need to be (but can be!) super 1337 0day- whether cutting edge or not, whatever folks have been working on is fair game. Presenters will take ~5-15 minutes to present their projects. The goals of this are not only to benefit the audience, but also to solicit feedback and advice for the presenter.


Interested in being a part? Awesome. You can follow us on Twitter or join us on IRC (#Alphahackers on Freenode), but by far the best way to participate is to attend the in-person meetings. We've also got a mailing list to help coordinate meetings.


Other questions? The Twitter account is a good place to get answers, but if you don't have one or need more than 140 characters, pop into the IRC or email brandon at z0inks dot com.

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